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You can benefit from our experience gathered from a continuous year-long cooperation with world’s leading companies.


Sebastiaan Ruys
Chief Commercial Officer, cargo-partner
Live up to their promises and change how people behave

The ContACT are great guys and professionals and in general very nice to work with: they live up to their promises, they are pro-active in making suggestions (for example when we were co-creating the content of the trainings) and they are flexible to suit the customer needs. Furthermore, the content of their trainings is well thought through and high quality. However, what really sets them apart from most other training companies is how they are able to make the connection to the trainees. By making this connection, they are able to achieve an actual change in behavior. In my opinion this is the biggest challenge when it comes to giving trainings to sales people: to actually make them change their behavior. Domagoj and Kristian achieved it, for which they will always have my respect.

Kiriaki Kritidi
HR Manager Coca-Cola HBC
Our trusted partner in coaching & training

Mr. Domagoj Liposinovic has been a true strategic partner in our journey of building a Coaching culture within Coca-Cola HBC and supporting the career growth of our top talents. His contribution has been amazing in supporting our talents to make a successful career turn, define their unique leadership style and integrate fast and successfully in their new roles. Domagoj has established himself as a trusted coach within our organization recognized for his executive coaching & training skills as well as his love and passion on releasing the potential of every individual he is working with.

James Midgley
HR Director, USA & Americas cargo-partner
Going above and beyond while supporting us on 4 continents

The contACT Team has worked with cargo-partner to support and guide the personal development of colleagues in numerous functions, levels, and continents. Together with his team, Domagoj has been influential in developing professional relationships and leaders among our management teams. The team has often gone above and beyond for each individual, tailoring content based on participant feedback and additional 1-1 sessions. As well as leadership development, the team has worked closely especially with our colleagues in Sales, enabling greater alignment and consistency in our approach to selling, negotiations, key account development and relationship building. We strongly recommend Coach Domagoj and the ContACT team!

Nataša Zec
CEO at Pontis Technology, member of Bridgewest Group
Interactivity, practice and value

We recently had the pleasure of attending a sales workshop conducted by Domagoj and it was an incredibly valuable experience. The workshop was highly interactive, with plenty of opportunities for participants to practice their skills and apply what they had learned to real-life sales scenarios. Domagoj brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the workshop, and his approach to teaching was engaging and dynamic while encouraging active participation from all attendees. Thanks to the workshop, we have gained a new perspective on sales and developed valuable presentation skills that will serve us well in our further careers.

Marko Mintas
President of the Board Henkel Adria
A long-lasting support in commercial & leadership development

Mr Liposinovic and his team have been long-lasting support in development of our teams across Adria countries. They supported us in various negotiations, presentation, communication and leadership programs. Feedback and consequently development of our team members have been on high level and each education was done on a highly professional level. We loved diversity and experience that Mr Liposinovic and his team brought to our organization. In addition to that, they continuously develop themselves and keep their trainings on the cutting-edge what is crucial in developing a learning organization.

Sanja Degoricija
Commercial Manager Philips Adria
Connect and change team dynamics

We approached Domagoj & the Contact Team following a major company restructuring with a simple brief “we have top individuals, help us build a team!”. No further words and xy-page briefs were necessary. We have held a series of trainings, assessed our weak spots and guided the team to cooperate, communicate more effectively and as result feel – and perform like part of a team! His deep understanding of individual personalities, team dynamics and different corporate environments make him a true asset. He connects instantly with people and when approached with any challenge, there’s an instant spark of “solution” in his eyes. Any people/team leader can just relax knowing his team is in Domagoj’s expert hands.

Stuart McCaig
UK Sales Manager Ultrapolymers (Ravago group)
High-energy sales trainings

As part of our 2025 strategy, we embarked on a digital revolution at Ultrapolymers called the Apollo programme. Our desire was to increase our presence in the digital space. That’s why I reached out to Domagoj to help us guide the ship. Through a series of high-energy trainings and his immense understanding of sales as well as LinkedIN algorithms, we have managed to increase our visibility and success in the social selling space. I would recommend Domagoj to any business wanting knowledge, fun and engaging training to enthuse and inspire their team.

Maria Anargyrou-Nikolic
General Manager Coca Cola HBC
A great support on the journey of personal and business growth

Coach Domagoj has been a great support and guide on the personal and business growth journey. The blueprint of his work is a high level of professionalism combined with true care for the person and their development. I would highly recommend Domagoj to every organization willing to develop their leadership and management skills!

Our Team brings together coaches with a strong international business experience and a deep dedication towards personal development of individuals and teams.


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Times of one-way lectures, fancy slides and nice theoretical models in business training are over. We are different.

Together with you, we create a safe space where you will feel understood, challenged and cared for. You will develop by learning from exercises, self-reflecting, discussing and receiving & giving feedback. What we do in training has a 100% connection to your business reality. 4 pillars of our Training Approach are:

contACT with self
Connect with self:

connect with who you are, what you strive for, what your potential is, what your strengths are, increasing awareness of how you feel, think and behave.

contACT with others
Connect with others:

deeply understand, connect through empathy, influence and lead. A contrast to control and manipulation.

Growth is a contACT sport
Growth is a contACT sport:

there is no growth without discomfort, challenge, leading bold conversations & taking tough decisions.


awareness is knowing the way, implementation is walking it. We help you implement the desired behaviors in your organization.

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